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The NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup is the most innovative and revolutionary athletic protective cup available on the market today. This award-winning, patented athletic cup provides unparalleled levels of comfort, protection and support due to it’s ground-breaking anatomically compatible design.

They say that there is nothing in life quite as painful as going through childbirth. Well, we think it’s fair to say that ‘they’ have never been struck in the nether-region by a cricket ball travelling at lightning speed – something that no man should ever have to experience. Which is why the jockstrap (or athletic cup, as we know it today) was one of man’s greatest inventions.

Originally brought out in 1874 to protect bicycle jockeys from the cobblestone streets of Boston, the jockstrap has gone through some significant changes over the years. While it has always provided a reasonable amount of protection for athletes competing in sports, many people decided to opt out in favour of flexibility, often at great personal risk.

It was from that which Mark Littell, inventor of the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup drew inspiration – that, and a desire to ‘protect the boys’. Mark discovered that nearly 50% of his athletes refused to wear athletic cups due to there being a limited number of cups which were both uncomfortable and restrictive – A staggering statistic when you consider the dangers of taking part in many sporting activities without adequate protection for the male anatomy.

In order to combat this, Mark Littell designed and created a prestige athletic cup with a patented design which is anatomically shaped for the male body, offering unparalleled levels of comfort and protection. The patented NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup has since gone on to win a plethora of prestigious awards due to its state-of-the-art design and practicality.

The NuttyBuddy® safety gear range offers ‘protection for the boy’s when playing a wide variety of sports, including cricket, hockey, MMA, baseball, rugby, American football and much more. As a result of their ground-breaking success and unrivalled composition, NuttyBuddy® is now expanding their efforts into the Military and Law Enforcement industry, creating the world’s first ballistic cup. In that light, if they can develop a protective cup which is able to stop a bullet, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup can successfully absorb the impact of a cricket ball.

Protect Yourself Below the Belt and Raise Your Game Above the Rest
Traditional athletic cups would provide adequate protection for the boys, though in exchange, ultimately hinder an athlete’s performance due to them not fitting quite right and restricting bodily movement. With the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup, there is no compromise.

The NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup is in fact, a performance booster. Why? Because not only does it provide complete protection below the belt, but it does so without restricting movement or causing any discomfort whatsoever. This invariably fills the wearer with a newfound level of confidence when competing.

Not convinced? Consider the following three scenarios:

A Mixed Martial Arts athlete wearing a traditional athletic cup
The fighter enters the match feeling confident that his ‘boys’ are adequately protected; however, he can’t help but feel restricted. As a result of this, his movements are not as fast, as usual, his responses are slightly slower, and his upper-body kicks are noticeably less effective. The fighter begins to feel a growing sense of frustration, being unable to fight at his optimum performance.

A Mixed Martial Arts athlete fighting unprotected
The fighter enters the match feeling loose, flexible and unrestricted. His movements are sharp and responsive, though there is a constant niggling in the back of his mind, knowing that his ‘boys’ are exposed to mid-height strikes. While he is aware that any strikes below the belt are illegal, and that his opponent is not actively trying to foul, this feeling of being exposed is affecting his confidence and as a result, he is holding back slightly with his overall performance.

A Mixed Martial Arts athlete wearing a NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup
The fighter enters the match feeling confident that his ‘boys’ are adequately protected. In addition to that, he feels loose, flexible and unrestricted. This feeling of confidence, coupled with his sharp and responsive movements invariably improves his overall performance, giving him a noticeable advantage over his opponent.

From the three scenarios detailed above, we can clearly see which athlete has the biggest advantage. The same principle applies to any other sport as well – Having adequate protection, without restricting movement will invariably fill the wearer with confidence, allowing you to push your performance to higher levels. You will have the confidence to face your opponents head-on, without shying away from the challenge through fear of hurting yourself or being unable to perform unrestricted. If you want to be the best, you have to wear the best.

What makes the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup so different from the rest?

You might be wondering what makes this revolutionary athletic cup so different from the rest of the protective equipment on the market today. Well, for starters, the traditional athletic cups do not provide full protection for the male genitalia, covering only part of it. Not only that, but they lack the mobility and comfort required by athletes when competing in sports. The NuttyBuddy® provides complete protection for the boys, without compromise.

Our protective athletic cups have an elongated tail, making it the first piece of protective sports gear to fully cover the entire male anatomy. It allows the wearer to move entirely unrestricted and provides ventilation for increased comfort during performance – While there’s nothing worse than taking a cricket ball below the belt, having them suffocate is not so good either!