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When it comes to the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup, comfort is one of its critical components. In fact, in recent surveys carried out among a number of professional athletes, they ranked the Athletic Cup as being the best of the best. Below you will find a detailed list of features and benefits which separates the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup from the traditional ‘run-of-the-mill’ protective cup.

  • The unique design of the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup cradles to fit the male anatomy and absorbs hard impact blows.
  • The cushioned edge of the NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup is moulded and built-in to match the cup’s inherent thickness. As such, this aids in comfort allowing the Athletic Cup to move and flow with the body, for increased performance.
  • There is appropriate ventilation for increased airflow and additional comfort during high levels of performance and exertion.
  • The NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup has been tested with slides, kicks, sprinting, lateral movement, sharp turning & cornering, stopping, jumping, impact resistance and ballistic force.
  • Irrefutably the most comfortable, effective and best fitting Athletic Cup ever designed. (Tried and tested by athletes)
  • The NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup is setting the global standard for comfort and protection.
  • The High impact resistant (polycarbonate) material Lexan124-R, is the same material which is used in bullet resistant glass and is 4x more expensive than the plastic used in traditional Athletic Cups.
  • The NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup is designed to withstand the impact of cricket balls, hockey pucks and the likes, travelling at incredibly high velocities.
  • Patented anatomical design absorbs damage, then evenly distributes the impact force to pubic bone.

When it comes to sports, safety should come before all else. Athletic cups are an incredibly important piece of equipment in modern active sporting activities, one which has been neglected for too long. NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup is second to none when it comes to overall comfort and protection. Every male athlete should afford themselves the adequate level of protection. Healthcare professionals warn against the range of serious injuries which can occur when taking part in sports. We pride ourselves on ‘protecting the boys’.

  • NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup can withstand the serious impact of a cricket ball or hockey puck travelling at excessive speeds.
  • NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup has an elongated tail which provides additional protection under the otherwise delicate and exposed groin area.
  • NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup’s patented anatomical design absorbs the impact of a shot and then evenly and effectively distributes the force to the pubic bone.

Mark Littell drew inspiration from the fact that athletes were neglecting to wear protective cups in favour of comfort and freedom to move around unrestricted. Of course, safety should come before all else, though that’s not to say that comfort can’t run parallel to that requirement? ‘Surely there must be a way to create sporting equipment which not only provides significant protection for the boys but accommodates comfort as well?’ Fortunately, the answer to that speculation was ‘yes, there is!’

The NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup is unlike any other pre-existing sporting protective cup. It boasts an authentic, award-winning design which is perfectly and anatomically shaped to fit the male body, groin and genital region. Below we have listed the features which make this incredible athletic cup so comfortable to wear:

  • The Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup is the most comfortable sporting cup available on the market.
  • The Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup allows the wearer natural movement with ease.
  • The Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup cradles the genitals differently than regular sporting cups.
  • The Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup has a cushioned edge for maximum comfort and flexible fit.
  • The Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup invented for increased comfort.
  • The Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup is available in 5 different sizes, making it one of the most accessible sporting cups on the market.
  • We also provide an authentic range of compression shorts and apparel to fit alongside the Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup for maximised comfort and practicality.

Wondering if this product is suitable for you? Don’t worry, the Nutty Buddy® Athletic Cup is comfortable and reliable in pretty much every single athletic sporting activity:

  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Martial Arts (Karate / Jiu-Jitsu etc)
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Skateboarding / BMXing
  • Baseball / Softball
  • Paintball
  • Squash
  • Motocross
  • Security and Policing
  • And much more…